Our distinguished design methodology gives us an edge.

Our agile design process has been honed by best practices from Rhode Island School of Design and from our experience working with clients around the globe. We create each project’s design logic to target objectives and maximize value in measurable ways. We back up our designs with research, allowing us to respond to complexity with specific solutions, and give clients comfort in solutions that are viable.

Add agility and speed to urban planning and layout design development with quantifiable reports on a plethora of environmental and quality of life factors. Increase the likelihood of successfully achieving project expectations and add backbone to the final design. Effective for the single parcel to regional scale across the US. Report includes:

Quality of Life Metrics

  • Summary Statistics, such as a population estimate, Job-Housing Ratio, types of Employment and households, and square footage designations
  • Emissions Reporting by source and pollutant type
  • Land Conversion Type, urban infill, greenfield conversion, agriculture conversion
  • Walkability
  • Public Transit Feasibility
  • Household Cost Comparison
  • Water Use Breakdown
  • Energy Use Breakdown
  • Transportation VMT, costs, and emissions

Conservation Metrics

  • Landcover Change
  • Carbon Stock Change
  • Drinking Water Watershed Impacts
  • Habitat Connectivity
  • Habitats Degraded and Improved for various Endangered Species
  • Agriculture Report

A package offer

Research and Concept Development Phase

Site Analysis Presentation | Scientific: analyze climate and site factors to optimize building form, Poetic: identify flora, fauna, and natural systems that give the character of place for the project to reference. (3 weeks)

Preliminary Design Presentation | Visual display of building massings, spatial character, program layouts (3 weeks)

Establish the list of prospective contractors to interview

Schematic Design Presentation | Preliminary floor plans and elevations required for the permit, material mood board, and cost estimates prepared by Contractor (5 weeks)

Design Development Phase

Design Development Documents Review | More detail added to the schematic design drawings, have Contractor update cost estimates, contract Landscape Designer and Sustainability Consultant if needed

Construction Documents and Procurement Phase 

Construction Documents | Submit Design Development Documents to Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer, Prepare Construction Documents for contractor bids/estimates (2 months)

Start Building Permit Process 

Receive Permits

Construction Phase

Initiation of construction: the foundation, structure, building envelope, utilities; monthly inspections coordinated with Site Meetings and Contractor’s requests for payment.

Built-ins installation, appliances, and finishes and associated inspections/approvals


Client Reveal

Deficiencies walkthrough 

Deficiencies resolved

Presentation of client Binder and thank you

Performance check-in, optional

Optimize site utilization and building form with an animated sense of place throughout the year. We combine quantitative and qualitative data to set the foundation for strong design logic rooted in and inspired by environmental factors. Report includes:

  • Sunlight Analysis
  • Wind Analysis
  • View Sheds at various altitudes
  • How natural systems on-site function
  • Flora and Fauna Analysis
  • Geology Analysis

Financial model for a building design that explains the hard and soft costs of construction and management of the building. Incorporating market analysis, we project cash flows for the project. Compare different scenarios of performance and explore financing options. We can also work with contractors to organize bids and separate expenses into phases. The pro forma can help secure lending, investor presentations, and tracking the performance of the building or development opportunity. Excel model includes:

  • Project Facts
  • Project Costs
  • Operating Pro forma (per year)
  • Construction Costs
  • Financing Assumptions
  • Cash Flow Calculations
  • Ownership Returns
  • Loan Amortization Schedules.

Builds upon the site analysis to mass buildings, layout the program, and establish the project’s spatial character. We study the human systems that intersect with the site, including pedestrian flow and existing infrastructure to give the project a cohesive feel with its surrounds. For corporate clients, we translate target market research into design features that attract the right customers. Deliverables include: 

  • Concept Design Presentation
  • Emotive images that give the look and feel of the project
  • Floor plans and elevations required for design review committees and preliminary contractor quotes
  • 3D Virtual Reality Model
  • Material Mood Board

Translates the concept design into the engineered construction drawings, ready for building permits and contractors. We create the full project schematic drawing set and collaborate with a structural engineer familiar with the building code and climate factors applicable to the building site. Efficiencies and cost savings are identified, and the designer helps navigate which ones are smart and which ones compromise the design vision. Deliverables Include: 

  • Schematic set
  • Engineered Construction Drawings

Genevieve has a great respect for culture, memory, and the role of art and architecture in preserving both... as well as a strong grasp of the historical and ethical dimensions of architecture. Genevieve is an original, she will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the cultural and international debates in art and architecture.

David Gersten
Director, Arts, Letters and Numbers

She was a fearless, inventive, and determined member of a very strong international cohort of designers. Among her remarkable traits is an infectious enthusiasm and true delight in the often conflicting and onerous process of design, whether it be traditional architectural work, urban design projects, or her more visceral experiential works.

Jim Barnes
AIA Architect

Genevieve immersed herself fully into these projects and was able to analyze them and create unique solutions for them. She’s a self starter, and finds ways to contribute and add value to projects out of her own initiative. She’s extremely professional.

Nadine Schelbert
Creative Director, WET Design

I will always be grateful to Genevieve Marsh for her work on my memoirs. Her design, cover and layout were perfect for me. She took my pictures of my childhood and placed them in such a way that really catches the eye laying them flat on two pages. Genevieve has inspired me and showed me that anything is possible or rather nothing is impossible.

Charlotte Mankin

She plants seeds for ideas that grow our thinking in fresh directions and opens the mind to possibilities that are both practical and new - and in new directions.  What a way to recharge an organization and build a sense that dreams are doable. Her deliverables were delivered in a timely fashion, were executed with precision and exceeded expectations.

Leslie Warren
Chair, Alliance for Environmental Leadership


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