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Advocacy by Design

You have a mission to change the world- we help you break ground.

Genevieve’s design practice is founded in social activism and community inclusive consensus building. She has assisted a variety of social missions such as income inequality, climate change, and urban revitalization, to connect to the built environment through research-based placemaking. 

If you are an organization taking on a topic that is manifested in the built environment, having an urban planner on call is an excellent way to grow your work into a more concrete and constructive space. Utilize design to transition from documenting the problem to testing solutions. 

Genevieve’s advocacy design work has been utilized to increase outreach effectiveness, create collaboration between adversarial stake holder groups, win bigger grants, and submitted as expert testimony for CEQA cases.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile touch point or an environmental alternative for a development plan, reach out to Genevieve. She would love to hear about your work.

Websites & Publications

The first step in changing the world is communicating your vision. Whatever the format- a project proposal booklet, a report, or a website- we can make it clear, beautiful and professional. Here are some websites we have made for local groups.

Smart Growth in Placer County

Genevieve is an active advocate for Smart Growth in her home region. These two reports are part of a collaboration with the Alliance for Environmental Leadership to shift the tide from suburban sprawl to equitable, environmental land planning.

Citizen-Initiated Smart Growth Plan Phase 1

Previous Next Citizen-Initiated Smarth Growth Plan A Smart Growth Plan for South Placer County to develop an industrial area into a town with a flourishing innovation ecosystem, supporting education and entrepreneurship. Commissioned as a community initiative by the Alliance for Environmental Leadership, the plan embodies the values of environmental and social stewardship- working with natural

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Citizen-Initiated Smart Growth Plan Phase 2

Previous Next Citizen Initiated Smart Growth Plan, Phase 2 The second in a series of reports establishing a a new vision for South Placer County, Phase 2 focuses on the feasibility, and necessity, of multifamily dwellings and mixed use buildings as specified in Phase 1. This report takes a systematic look at the demographics of

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Genevieve has a great respect for culture, memory, and the role of art and architecture in preserving both... as well as a strong grasp of the historical and ethical dimensions of architecture. Genevieve is an original, she will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the cultural and international debates in art and architecture.

David Gersten
Director, Arts, Letters and Numbers

She was a fearless, inventive, and determined member of a very strong international cohort of designers. Among her remarkable traits is an infectious enthusiasm and true delight in the often conflicting and onerous process of design, whether it be traditional architectural work, urban design projects, or her more visceral experiential works.

Jim Barnes
AIA Architect

Genevieve immersed herself fully into these projects and was able to analyze them and create unique solutions for them. She’s a self starter, and finds ways to contribute and add value to projects out of her own initiative. She’s extremely professional.

Nadine Schelbert
Creative Director, WET Design

I will always be grateful to Genevieve Marsh for her work on my memoirs. Her design, cover and layout were perfect for me. She took my pictures of my childhood and placed them in such a way that really catches the eye laying them flat on two pages. Genevieve has inspired me and showed me that anything is possible or rather nothing is impossible.

Charlotte Mankin

She plants seeds for ideas that grow our thinking in fresh directions and opens the mind to possibilities that are both practical and new - and in new directions.  What a way to recharge an organization and build a sense that dreams are doable. Her deliverables were delivered in a timely fashion, were executed with precision and exceeded expectations.

Leslie Warren
Chair, Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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