SouthLight Performance Venue & Urban Lawn

Client: The City of Providence and Rhode Island LISC on behalf of the Southside Cultural Center 

As Phase 1 of Providence’s Southside neighborhood plan, we built a 12,000 sf outdoor performance venue and urban lawn in Trinity Square. As an extension of the Southside Cultural Center, the outdoor venue and gathering space builds community capacity by showcasing cultural performance groups with greater visibility and celebrating common space. Operable doors around the entire perimeter facilitate flexible event and performance layouts. The green corridor concept for the site plan reclaims a part of Trinity Square as a gathering place and pedestrian-centric zone.

2016 AIAri Merit Award, Educational/Institutional Category

2016 AIAri People’s Choice Award

2017 dbXchange Awards, Honorable Mention

2018 ACSA Collaborative Practice Award

Design Leads: Aaron Forrest, Yasmin Vobis, Elettra Bordonaro (Light Follows Behaviour), Katy Foley PLA (RISD Landscape Architecture)
Design-Build Lead: Sina Almassi
Administrative Leads: Laura Briggs, Jonathan Knowles, Scheri Fultineer, Sara Sullivan, Sara Willett
Architect of Record: James Barnes, AIA
Structural Engineer of Record: Wilbur Yoder, AIA PE
Design-Build Advisors: Brett Schneider, Colgate Searle, Steven Metcalf, John Bacon (HB Welding), Kyle Lloyd (Shawmut Design & Construction)
RISD Student Design-Build Team: Yin Fu, Sarp Arditi, Daniel Stone, Qi An, Genevieve Marsh, Rahul Ghera, Feiyi Bie, Natasha Ruiz, Xichen Que, William Gant, Marco Aguirre, Cameron Kucera, Kevin Crouse, Zhurong Qian, Vuthy Lay, Adrian Medina, Grace Gelei Mai, Wenda Shen, Saba Yazdjerdi, Alexander Kim, Yifan Kong, Khue Truong, Peter Kim, Jingyan Zhang, Jing Li, Tianyu Xu, Amy Long, Song Du, Nandi Lu, Senbo Yang, Robert Sugar, Chloe Renee Jensen, Gian Villareul


Photos by Naho Kubota and team.


Genevieve has a great respect for culture, memory, and the role of art and architecture in preserving both... as well as a strong grasp of the historical and ethical dimensions of architecture. Genevieve is an original, she will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the cultural and international debates in art and architecture.

David Gersten
Director, Arts, Letters and Numbers

She was a fearless, inventive, and determined member of a very strong international cohort of designers. Among her remarkable traits is an infectious enthusiasm and true delight in the often conflicting and onerous process of design, whether it be traditional architectural work, urban design projects, or her more visceral experiential works.

Jim Barnes
AIA Architect

Genevieve immersed herself fully into these projects and was able to analyze them and create unique solutions for them. She’s a self starter, and finds ways to contribute and add value to projects out of her own initiative. She’s extremely professional.

Nadine Schelbert
Creative Director, WET Design

I will always be grateful to Genevieve Marsh for her work on my memoirs. Her design, cover and layout were perfect for me. She took my pictures of my childhood and placed them in such a way that really catches the eye laying them flat on two pages. Genevieve has inspired me and showed me that anything is possible or rather nothing is impossible.

Charlotte Mankin

She plants seeds for ideas that grow our thinking in fresh directions and opens the mind to possibilities that are both practical and new - and in new directions.  What a way to recharge an organization and build a sense that dreams are doable. Her deliverables were delivered in a timely fashion, were executed with precision and exceeded expectations.

Leslie Warren
Chair, Alliance for Environmental Leadership

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